Know your Class!  Jaina Proudmore/Mage

This is the first article of a series regarding Heroes/Classes in Hearthstone, called Hearthstone Heroes – Know your Class. We are going to talk about the Heroes Lore, their general concept as a class, and then we are going to link that with the cards that each class has. So let’s get to it!


jaina proudmore hearthstone heroesJaina Proudmore is one of the main characters in the Warcraft lore. She has helped in saving the realm multiple times in the past, allied with Thrall and Arthas, ignoring the hatred between the Alliance and Horde. She is a powerful mage of the Kirin Tor (She was leader of the faction for some time), and she is a true born leader, always taking the right decisions for her people. Taught by Antonidas, in Dalaran, she became a powerful mage, and on top of that she has an natural gift of sensing people’s true intentions.

She had a romantic relationship with Arthas (probably the most known character in the realm), that it did not end well as he broke up with her, wanting them to focus on their duties. After a long time, when Arthas (aka Lich King) died, she found out that he was wearing her locket upon his chest, the whole time he was possessed by the Lich King. Thinking that there was always a part of him inside the Lich King, even though he was corrupted, she collapsed at her own feet, giving us one of the best romantic scenes, in the history of the realm.

Mage Class – A brief description about the concept and it’s powers

hearthstone heroes pyroblastMages are powerful spell casters that use the elements of ice and fire, mainly, in order to destroy their enemies. Mages can also use arcane magic, a powerful type of magic that usually transmutes forms of matter into others, for the purpose of control. The difference between Mages and Shamans, is that Mages actually conjure fire or ice, while Shamans communicate with the elementals and ask for their powers. Mages are well known about their destructive powers as they can deal huge amounts of burst damage.

Mages were sent to Dalaran from a very young age, in order to be able to master these powers. It is considered to be a difficult task, and only a handful of them has reached the level of power that Jaina has in particular.

Mages main sources of power are:

  • The control of the elements (mainly ice and fire)
  • The understanding of arcane energy for the uses of support and control (Polymorph, Counterspell, Conjure Food etc. )


Mage’s Powers in Relation to Hearthstone Cards

So, now that we understand the concept behind the Mage class, we are going to relate that in the cards that it has.

Fire Mage

fireball hearthstone heroesFireball:Probably the most powerful spell that mage owns. 4 mana for 6 damage without a specific target is something every class would dream to have. This card is the definition of the Mage class. Outstanding value for its cost, it can be used as a removal or a direct damage for finding lethal.

This card is may be a bit overpowered but it defines the Mage class. Each class has to have a set of features that makes it unique, and gives you the feeling that you are indeed a powerful Mage! Fireball was and probably will be on each mage deck that is ever going to be made.

Props to Blizzard for these ideas.



flamestrike hearthstone heroesFlamestrike: One of the best control cards in the game. This gives us a taste how good a mage is, on the board control aspect of the game. Another class defining cards and an arena miracle! This card alone gives Mage a huge boost, keeping him to the top of the Arena Tier List. It is included in almost every Mage deck that was ever constructed and probably will be.

This cards gives us the feeling that fire is not something you can play with. A Fire Mage is something to be feared of, as he should be, having this massive burst damage output.





Frost Mage

frostboltFrostbolt: This is a great example of the power of the Frost Mage. Costing 2 mana, this spell deals 2 damage (as expected) but it also Freezes the target it hits! Comparing that to [Lightning Bolt], or even [Darkbomb] which is out of the meta, this card is way better. It gives you the opportunity to stall the game, not to mention synergies with [Ice Lance], or [Shatter]. A perfect damage dealer, as well as a control tool, in the same card!

This card gives us a taste of what a Frost mage feels like. He may not have the amount of burst that a Fire Mage has, but he has the flexibility of control too, as ice is an element that can stall the flow of things!




Water Elemental: What is left to say seeing this card. Solid body for it’s mana cost, and a powerful control effect. This card gives us a solid idea about what a Frost mage can do with the board. Must have on each tempo Mage deck. It is probably a card that even makes this archetype playable.

Water elementals are a pretty common tool for a Frost mage. They give them the flexibility to cast other spells while these guys control the area, or even dealing damage to their targets. Worderful job by Blizzard, adjusting these thoughts into a card!



Arcane Mage

polymorphPolymorph: Practicly we are reading this: “4 mana cost, almost destroy any minion you like.” Tools like it are less than 5 in Hearthstone. Irreplaceable card for a control mage, and again this type of cards makes us think that the archetype is possible. We also see this card being used in any mage deck, as it one of the best, non- condition, removals in the game.

As mention above, arcane mages specialize at changes the shapes of matter into what they want. And they are well-known for this ability. This give us the feeling of the power an Arcane Mage has, and how efficiently he can control a situation. (Even better that Frost mage!)




arcane missilesArcane Missiles: A cheap/fast control (and maybe damaging) tool for the Arcane Mage. One of his most popular spells out there. It gives you the ability to control an early board with incredible efficiency and decent chances. Not to mention synergies with [Mana Wyrm] and [Flamewaker], making this card a must-have in any tempo Mage deck.

Understanding the working of Arcane energy means giving the Mage good control tools, for their mana cost. They can deal damage but that’s not their main goal( [Arcane Blast] ). The arcane mage may not be a Deck Archetype yet, but as expected, it is a wonderful supporting aspect of the Mage class, making wonderful mixes with Frost or Fire Mage.



We can see that Mage has a respectable amount of powerful tools, regarding control and burst damage. My whole point is that, this is not something bad about the game. On the contrary this is a beautiful way by Blizzard, to make it’s players feel like each class has something unique about it. It motivates us to love and respect each class, for its’ own specific reasons. Concepts like overload, sacrificing hp to have more resources, incredible burst damage tools etc, give each class a specific mindset, and implements perfectly the concept of a Hero Class to a Strategic Card game. As well as making the game more complex and fun!

We are about to see more of each class in the next days, as well as a lore focused Hearthstone Heroes section, regarding each Hero’s Achievements in Warcraft’s history.

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