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Hello guys, we are ready to talk about Anduin Wrynn, the Priest class of Hearthstone. Priest is a class that usually gets misunderstood, mainly because of the general idea that players have, in regards to the MMO RPGs. Most of the times, Priest is the best healing Class in every role-playing based game, but people tend to ignore his aggressive aspects! I want to point out that this article is about the connection between the general concept of a Priest and his Hearthstone Cards.It is not about the viability of them, mainly. So, let’s start.



Anduin Wrynn Priest ClassAnduin is the son of 

[Varian Wrynn], probalby the most known Alliance Leader and king of its capital, Stormwind. Varian had a fierce love for his son, who was given the crown at the age of ten, during the absence of his father. However he had the help of [Bolvar Fordragon] at that time. He was captured by [Onyxia], and saved by [Valeera Sanguinar], who latter became his mentor, thus explaining his great expertise with daggers.

As Anduin grew up, it was obvious that he would not follow the steps of his father, becoming a Warrior. Despite his combat training, he would not make a good warrior, even though he was a great archer and knife thrower due to his steady hands. This feat made him very good at medical and healing arts, giving him a hint into taking the path of the Holy Light. Anduin got his name from the legendary fighter Anduin Lothar.

[Legion Spoiler incoming!]. Anduin is the acting king of Stormwind, after the death of his father due to the Legion’s invasion in the recent events of the last expansion.


Priest Class – A brief description about the concept and it’s powers

Priests are devoted to the spiritual, and express their unwavering faith by serving the people. For millennia they have left behind the confines of their temples and the comfort of their shrines so they can support their allies in war-torn lands. In the midst of terrible conflict, no hero questions the value of the priestly orders.

Blizzard Entertainment

thoughtsteal know your class

Priests primarily focus on spirituality. This revolves around a strong moral code, or the worship of a deity/idol. Priests excel at divination magic, thus they have very good healing and protection spells. In addition the can smite unholy enemies with great effect, making them fearful among the undead kin.

As it may seem obvious, Priests main aspect is supporting, in a way. The fact that many of us forget is the Shadow Aspect of a Priest (Personal Favorite), that even warlocks would envy. Priests have unique powers regarding the manipulation of mind, preventing their opponents from casting spells ([Silence]), or even incredible damaging spells on some occasions. That’s the diverse fact that I’ve love about Priests and I always found interesting.

It is clearly stated a Shadow Priest’s powers have an immediate connection with the Old Gods and The Void. Not to mention that light and dark are like twin brothers!


To sum up, the main aspects of the Priest Class are:

  • Strong divination magic for healing and protecting himself or his allies.
  • Shadow magic for mind manipulation and destructive purposes.


Priest’s Powers in Relation to Hearthstone Cards

Now that we understood a bit more about the Priest, and his natural gift for divination magic, let’s see the concept behind his Hearthstone Cards.

Holy/Healing Priest

holy smite know your classHoly Smite : This is the most common damaging spell, on the concept of a Holy Priest. It is cheap and helps priest stay alive in the early game. Synergies with [Wild Pyromancer], cannot be ignored, as this card is the trigger to a massive removal combo.

This card is a solid pick for a every priest deck, helping him stay alive versus the aggressive decks out there. The best removal of the basic set, for its mana cost. A card that gives priest the flexibility that he is missing in the early stages of the game.





holy nova know your classHoly Nova : We see another solid spell for Priest here. Damaging your opponents board, while supporting your, is a great way to describe what a Priest can do. 5 Mana for 2 damage on your opponents board while supporting yours, making the trades that help you the most.

This card is the epitome of a Holy Priest. It makes us feel like supporting is not always about healing, it is also about controlling the enemy (in that case the board) with the most optimal way we can.

On this point I want to point out that I think that this card is really great. The fact that it is not considered as such, is because Priest does not have the board to make its worth, on the 5th turn,and it turns out to be used only as a mass removal. In a circumstance that priest is a class that can challenge the board, this is a tool that will give him a huge boost.

Protection Priest

power word shield know your classPower word: Shield : Probable the best early game card there is. In allows you to trade efficiently , synergies with the hero power, and does an amazing job with [Wild Pyromancer]->[The Coin], and also recycles itself! I do not believe that a Priest deck will ever be made without this.

This card gives us a taste of what a Protection Priest can do. He has a great amount of resources, (due to recycling) and also gives himself the time to heal his board. Pretty much every class would envy that card.




mass dispel know your classMass dispel : This card may not be used that much, but it is not terrible. It is expensive for its cost, that’s for sure, but we’ve seen it on some rare occasions on a meta that is heavy on buffs. The thing that makes us consider this card, it the recycle effect.

We see again a control card with a recycle effect, being added to the Priest’s tools. This may not have seen much play, but it is a great adjustment to the concept of a Priest that keeps his resources high, while having a supportive impact on the board.



Shadow Priest

shadow word death know your classShadow Word: Death : One of the best removals in the game, alongside with polymorph and hex. If we consider the [Big Game Hunter] nerf (from 3 mana to 5), this is actually a huge boost for this card. There will be no Priest deck that is ever made without at least a single copy of this card.

A perfect example of the destructive powers of a Shadow Priest. In case that you forgotten the destructive powers of a Priest, this card will remind you, once you get your 8-drop destroyed for 3 mana cost!




mind blast know your classMind Blast : If we consider this card regardless the meta, this is one of the best damaging spells in the game for finding lethal. This card is the reason that One-turn-Kill Priest Decks were made, it synergies excellent with cards like [Prophet Velen].

Whilst this card may not have seen much play, it shows us that a Priest can deal notable amounts of damage, and it relates perfectly to the concept of a Shadow Priest. A Priest that can support his board amazingly well, and also has tool for finishing the game easily.





We all know that Priest was in a pretty bad shape (Resurrect Priest is already a thing though!), but as I said above, I want to point out the concept behind there cards and not the viability of their plays. I believe that some cards, like [Mass Dispel] and [Mind Blast], will see more than occasional plays in the future, as more cards for Priest are released.

My point is that Priest has some unique and really good spells on his side, but he is missing some minions/tools in general to challenge the board and give him the chance to get the value out of these spells that I mentioned.

I hope you enjoyed this article and some of you may like Priest as much as I do.

And remember. The Light will bring victory

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