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So, eventually the time would come that we have to talk about the main antagonist of the Warcraft series. One of the most powerful mortals ever to walk on the Warcraft realm, with as much depth as greed for power. Gul’dan is here and your soul shall be his!



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Gul’Dan of the Stormweaver Clan was the first orcish Warlock, after abandoning his powers as a Shaman, and was the founder of the orcish Horde. Having a tough life as a child, Gul’Dan was exiled by his clan leader, and thus consumed by anger. After spending some time wandering in the desert, Gul’Dan was abandoned by the Spirits. When suddenly, Sargeras contacted him through a drop of Fel that landed on his forehead, giving him great powers. After that, Gul’Dan returned to his village, annihilating everything on his path.


With the help of the possessed Guardian Medivh, he led the Horde to Kalimdor through the Dark Portal, in order to find a new home for his people. These events led to the First War with the humans, as it is depicted in the Warcraft Movie.

After the events of the Second War, Gul’Dan was killed by his own ambitions. He tried to control the powers of the Dark Titan Sargeras, and was thus torn to shreds by demons, guarding his tomb.

Gul’dan possesses an unquenchable thirst for power and a ruthless personality. Equally willing to manipulate friends and foes alike, he constantly tries to better his station in life through any means possible. Even though Gul’dan constantly tends to be embroiled in many different plots and schemes, his overarching goal is always to discover the location of the Tomb of Sargeras and to claim the dark titan’s powers for himself. Nothing else matters in comparison to this quest, and Gul’dan is willing to betray his own people and sacrifice his closest friends to achieve it.


Warlock Class – A brief description about the concept and it’s powers

Warlocks can ignite distant enemies in searing flame, send them fleeing in terror and pain, or afflict them with corrupting diseases and curses that steal the victim’s vitality.


jaraxxus hero warlock classWarlocks are mainly summoners, with a variety of damaging  and control tools. They possess fel-based magical powers, that often corrupt those who use them. They usually wear out their opponents, while having an abundance of resources, at the cost their own life force.

Each one of Warlocks’ summons ([Doomguard], [Voidwalker], [Succubus]) has a unique usage, making him an efficient caster in every situation. Warlocks specialize in dark magic, as expected, but they can also immolate their opponents alive.

Warlocks do not have a connection with the Elements, nor they can understand the way arcane magic works. Their powers are completely driven from the fel. That’s why they have a downside effect in many of their spells.

Warlock’s Powers in relation to Hearthstone Cards


The Warlock class is described very accurately by Blizzard. There are many powerful creatures in terms of summoning, as well as strong spells. The three main categories of the Warlock’s abilities are:

  • Affliction: Curses and damage over time-abilities that wear out the opponent.
  • Demonology: The power to summon demons to fight for the Warlock’s sake.
  • Destruction: Pure damaging spells, primarily based on shadow and fire magic.

Compared to the Shaman’s Overload mechanics, Warlock is the only class that has the ability to gain resources with losing HP([Life Tap]). Aside from the fact that this is a great way to describe Warlock as a class, it is probably the best Hero Power in the game. A minor HP loss for constant card draw would be the dream of every deck in every card game! This Hero Power defines the Warlock class, and it will constantly make new archetypes viable, as the Hearthstone expansions come out.


Demonology/Summoner Warlock

doomguard warlock class
Doomguard is one of the toughest minions to kill and has a decent attack and CHARGE, for 5 mana cost. The downside is the discard effect. That, after the release of One night in Karazhan, is not always a downside effect( [Silverware Golem],[Malchezaar’s Imp]).

This is probably the best offensive summon for warlock, showing us the destructive powers of his abilities.

This card will always be good, because it is an instant damage dealer with an amazing body. It is important to mention that, due to [Life Tap], Warlocks do not mind discarding cards at all! (not to mention the recently added synergy!)



voidwalker Warlock Class

Voidwalker will always be one of the best 1-drops in the game. It is a solid answer to any type of aggression, as well as a demon. Probably the most popular Warlock summon.

The Voidwalker’s concept is that it tanks up the damage while the Warlock unleashes his destructive spells upon his enemies. Pretty nice way to make a card out of it, right?

This is a card that will always be a solid choice for any Warlock deck, because the taunt is an effect that will always become of use in every game.




Destruction Warlock

shadowbolt warlock class


Shadowbolt is one of the most popular damaging Warlock spells. It may not be the most efficient removal tool in the game, but it adds an interesting control aspect to a class that utilizes upon wearing out his opponent.

This card will always be a solid choice on any control-y Warlock deck, as an efficient removal, while it may not see any play in the board-heavy Warlock decks.





shadowflame warlock class


Shadowflame is the incantation of the Warlock’s evil means to achieve his purpose. He is willing to sacrifice his own pawns  in order to annihilate his enemy, in a brutal fashion.

This card is an awesome removal tool for the Warlock class, as it can give you the board control with a 2-card sacrifice. The concept is 100% to the point, while being an efficient Hearthstone Card.





Affliction Warlock

corruption Warlock class


This is the epitomy of the Affliction Warlock. While this card has not seen much play, it is a powerful spell. I believe that this card will find its way through the meta, when things get a bit slower.

Warlocks excel in wearing out their opponents through curses and this a perfect way to describe this kind of power, that only they possess.





siphon soul warlock class


Here we see another aspect of the Warlock’s power. The power to drain the soul from any living being they see. While curses weaken their opponents, Warlocks drain their life essence in order to destroy them completely.

This card is an expensive removal tool, but it has no condition and, in addition to that, it restores a small amount of hp. A perfect demonstration of this unique ability, that only Warlocks possess, through the mastery of the Fel.





Gul’Dan is one of the most developed characters by Blizzard, and the most popular Warlock in the realm. So, it is important to be able to get the feel of the Warlock class, while playing Hearthstone. The discard mechanism, [Life Tap], and the tremendous force of cards like [Doomguard] and [Lord Jaraxxus] make us feel like a Warlock should be feared!

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