Legendary Crafting Guide
for the Current Meta ( Updated 24/02/2017)

by FKIShadow

The ‘must-have’ Legandaries for this meta. This list is going to be updated at least 2 times every week! Things could change, and even though I try my best, I might still show some personal bias towards some cards. Feel free to comment and suggest any changes, as I would like you to help contribute to this list as well!

Tier S

Cards you must have in this meta

Card Name Set Class Description
Aya Blackpaw MSG Druid/Shaman/Rogue Core in any jade deck. Must craft if you plan on playing those. Good craft overall!
Bloodmage Thalnos Classic Neutral A flexible card. We have just started seeing him more in aggro decks. Some decklists for Aggro Shaman/Jade Druids have a Bloodmage Thalnos in them. Surprising? Not at all. It is an Amazing card.
Edwin VanCleef Classic Rogue With so many Rogues around, he got the spotlights he always deserved. He is a 3-mana win condition if played with 3 or more spells, and he has almost NO drawback. ( A 4/4 VanCleef for 3 mana will always be solid.
Kazakus MSG Warlock/Mage/Priest We thought that Kazakus would be an amazing card, but now it is clear that Reno decks wouldn’t even be playable without him. His versitility and power are beyond comparison. Many times he is a better card to draw than Reno, in Reno Decks!
Leeroy Jenkins Classic Neutral This card will always be a tier S legendary when face decks appear on the Ladder!
Patches the Pirate MSG Neutral Love it or hate it, he is pretty good and he makes the pirate decks more viable than ever. Must craft if you are planning on playing any of the pirate decks out there.

Tier 1

Cards that are played in most top tier decks

Card Name Set Class Description
Alexstrasza Classic Neutral Since Renomage is a really solid deck right now, tour-wise AND ladder-wise, we cannot ignore this card. Its versatility to heal or either damage the opponent is really significant and most of the times, game-changing.
Archmage Antonidas Classic Mage Antonidas is a core card that Renomage needs in order to win most of the times. He is also included in the Tempo Mage deck, that has started to rise again.
Fandral Staghelm Wotog Druid Nobody believed in him and a lot of people were Disenchanting him in the first days of Wotog. This card proved everyone wrong and it is used in almost every Druid deck. Good body even if it gets zero value out of his effect.
Harrison Jones Classic Neutral He is simply amazing for the current meta. With Shamans starting to rise once again (Spirit Claws and Jade Claws) and Warriors lurking around, this card is a solid choice for every deck that is created at the moment, except ,of course, the face ones.
Lord Jaraxxus Classic Warlock The rise of Renolock (probably the most played deck at high legend, at the moment) is a a really good reason to have this card. Jaraxxus is a win condition himself.
Malygos Classic Neutral Even though Maly Druid is now gone, Malygos will always be a card that can create deck archetypes, all by itself.
Tirion Fordring Classic Paladin Every Paladin deck should run this guy. Period

Tier 2

Unique and Core cards even if they aren’t played as much. Good for craft

Card Name Set Class Description
Baron Geddon Classic Neutral The best anti-Shaman tech next to Harrison at this point. A must-have in control Warrior, which we sometimes see in druid decks as well. We have to deal with Shamans, that’s all.
Cairne Bloodhoof Classic Neutral He used to be one of the top 3 legendaries (insert “Pepperidge Farm Remembers” meme). He has dropped a lot and came back strong with the N’Zoth decks. He is in a weird spot at the moment, but he sees some play from time to time.
Chillmaw TgT Neutral A must-have in most dragon decks ( not so much in warrior though) but still not as strong as he used to be.
Grommash Hellscream Classic Warrior He is not as strong as he used to be, but he is still a force to be reckoned with. A win condition, but also flexible enough to clear some of the board if you need too.
Inkmaster Solia MSG Mage Included in probably every Renomage deck out there. It’s potential tempo swing is really important. Combined with a 10-mana Kazakus potion, she is probably overpowered.
Justicar Trueheart Tgt Neutral A must-have in Control warrior and in most Priest decks. She is pretty good in a lot of paladin decks as well. But that’s about it. She used to be Tier S but now she has dropped to tier 2 and she could be even lower.
N'Zoth, the Corruptor Wotog Neutral Used to be Tier S as well, but he is very slow in this meta. Deathrattle decks are usually control decks, and right now Hearthstone is clearly a tempo game.
Ragnaros, Lightlord Wotog Paladin Once more, the meta seems to love cards with immediate impact and he is one of them. An 8-8 body with a really good effect for only 8 mana. Good craft!
Raza the Chained MSG Priest Core to any Reno Priest there is, and a pretty solid card. Good craft, if you are a Priest player.
Twin Emperor Vek'lor Wotog Neutral A Tier S if C’thun decks are in the meta, a tier 2 if they are not. Pretty strong in any C’thun deck and a must-have, but unfortunately the C’thun decks are not as strong as the used to be so this guy drops. C’Thun decks are WAY too slow at the moment.
Xaril, Poisoned Mind Wotog Rogue This card has seen some play lately in the Aggro Rogue deck. Not a bad card, but not a must-have, that’s for sure.
White Eyes MSG Shaman So much hype but it still can’t find it’s position easily in a deck. Jade Shaman doesn’t use this card and it is slow for aggro Shammy. If the Concede Control Shaman ever comes back, this would be a core for it.
Wickerflame Burnbristle MSG Paladin Pretty good card for any paladin deck with the card-buffing mechanism. Better than many people were expecting.
Ysera Classic Neutral You can understand how quick the meta is when Ysera is in Tier 2. Dragon Priest can run it and maybe some other dragon decks as well. A good card in priest decks but Priest is bad at the moment.

Tier 3

Cards that still somehow find a place on the meta , on some decks

Unfortunately for Hunter, the hand-buff mechanism proved to be too slow. Don Han’Cho would help Hunter in a slower meta, but right now this card is useless.

Card Name Set Class Description
Al'Akir the Windlord Classic Shaman Shamans are rising again in the ladder, the last couple of days. So, Al’Akir will always be up for discussion. Some guys use him, some don’t. Overall, it is a solid shaman card.
Auctionmaster Beardo MSG Neutral He has some potential as long as inspire keeps being a thing. It’s too early to tell.
Cenarius Classic Druid He is worse than Fandral Staghelm at the moment, but still a legendary that sees some play from time to time.
Deathwing Classic Neutral Good fill card in some Dragon and other decks. Huge board clear with a big drawback. He is being played a bit more now that BGH is nerfed and we don’t have so many deathrattles.
Don Han'Cho MSG Hunter
Genzo, the Shark MSG Neutral With the reach that aggro decks have right now, he is useless. Maybe sometime in the future he will see play.
Kun the Forgotten King MSG Druid That card was really hyped but it has been a bit overshadowed because of the jade druid which doesn’t need it. Some druid decks use it with great results. He might go to tier 1 soon.
Malkorok Wotog Warrior He sees no play, whatsoever, but maybe we will see, if aggro warriors start wanting more weapons. Overall he is a nice card.
Ragnaros the Firelord Classic Neutral Along with Sylvanas Windrunner, Ragnaros will be moved to Wild in April 2017. You shouldn’t craft this card unless you are a Wild player.
Sergeant Sally MSG Neutral Can be used in RenoLock but don’t rush to craft it yet.
Soggoth the Slitherer Wotog Neutral He is really strong and he can close games easily. But with Call of the Wild at turn 8 and other really fast cards, Soggoth falls behind a bit.
Sylvanas Windrunner Classic Neutral With the new rotation, Sylvanas will be moved to wild. If you are a Wild played you should have her. Other than that she is unplayable in Standar.
Wrathion MSG Neutral Played in Some dragon archetypes but again, really early to tell and it doesn’t seem worth to invest on him right now.
Yogg-Saron, Hope's End Wotog Neutral The nerf on this card was really HUGE and I think everyone is happy about that. Death, transformation, silence and return to hand, are enough to stop one of the worst competitive cards ever created from seeing any play!
Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound Wotog Neutral He is a game-winning card if Barnes gets him on board. He is getting up on the Tier list because of him. Otherwise he is slow.

Tier 4

The rest of the cards haven’t been played the latest months. Cards that you should wait before you craft , or can disenchant if you badly need the dust .

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