Legendary Crafting Guide
for the Current Meta ( Updated 07/09/2017)

by FKIShadow and Sacreludus

The ‘must-have’ Legandaries for this current meta. This list is going to be updated at least once a week! Things could change, and even though we will try our best, we might still show some personal bias towards some cards. Feel free to comment and suggest any changes, as we would like you to help contribute to this list as well!

Sacreludus’ Editorial Notes: Yeah, S Tier is really limited. With Jade Druid being either the deck you are crushing with or the deck you are trying to crush only it’s legendaries get S tier. This week we notice that Priest cards got a lot of love, and Quest mage got snubbed for Frost Lich Jaina. Looking forward your safe bets are going to be Priest cards seeing as they escaped the ban hammer.

Tier S

Cards that are defining the meta

Card Name Set Class Description
[Aya Blackpaw] MSG Druid/Shaman/Rogue Core in any jade deck focused deck. Ramps your Jade counter. Solid Battlecry, solid Deathrattle.
[Fandral Staghelm] WoTG Druid Fandral is so much value packed into one card. He forces a removal from your opponent or else you’ll run away with the game most likely.

Tier 1

Top tier cards in top tier decks

Card Name Set Class Description
[Malfurion the Pestilent] KFT Druid While he doesn’t have the flashiest hero power, or battlecry the pure flexibility of this Deathknight is insane. Stabilizes you in aggressive match ups, creates a constant damage source in control match ups. As with most things Druid these days, very powerful.
[Patches the Pirate] MSG Neutral King of the 1/1’s Patches is still one of the best ways to control the board from turn one. Finds a place in most aggro/token decks. If you love Smorc, this is a must craft.

Tier 2

Top Cards in T1-T2 decks, Or T1-T2 Cards in Great decks

Card Name Set Class Description
[Sunkeeper Tarim] JTU Paladin
At 95% inclusion in paladin decks Tarim is a good craft, found in aggro to buff your board and in control to shrink the aggression/set up great trades.
[Shadowreaper Anduin] KFT Priest Fantastic Battlecry, gives you a hero power that closes out a game consistently. Hard to imagine any priest decks without this card included.
[Tirion Fordring] Classic Paladin Great stats, amazing abilities, and the weapon value is insane. Usually slotted in as a solid finisher no matter the deck type. Aggro, midrange, and control all love to hear his intro music.
[Frost Lich Jaina] KFT Mage Finding new ways to take down Druid, Jaina has been run in a freeze mage style control deck that aims to outlast your opponent rather than set up a one turn OTK.
[Raza the Chained] MSG Priest Freeing up two mana in the deck creates insane healing potential in the midgame with the regular priest hero power, and creates insane lethal potential with the Deathknight hero power.

Tier 3

Great cards in T2 decks or Amazing cards in very specific decks

Card Name Set Class Description
[The Lich King] KFT Neutral The Deathknight cards are a bit hit or miss depending on the deck you play, but the overall value of an 8/8 with taunt and recurring value more than makes up for that potential downside. Finding a bit more play this week due to priest’s popularity rising as a Druid killer.
[Kazakus] MSG Mage/Priest/Warlock Finding only a home in Highlander Priest these days, but no less powerful. The potion flexibility between match ups is still a critical part of this archetypes success.
[Ysera] Classic Neutral Ysera finds a place in the big versions of Priest and Druid. Always a titan of repeating value.
[Prophet Velen] Classic Priest
Useful for the healing, and creating a threat on the board, but more importantly sets up the Priest DK hero power to more quickly finish off an opponent.
[Lyra the Sunshard] JTU Priest  Lyra is another insane value engine that priest love to have. Allowing you to play spells liberally with no loss in resources is a fantastic way to get ahead from behind or seal your opponents fate.
[Barnes] ONIK Neutral Yes, this is a RNG heavy card, but with big Priest’s current shell. Most of your threats require an immediate answer, plus it sets up great resurrect targets once they have been dealt with.
[Open the Waygate] JTU Mage Open the Waygate has dropped a lot in terms of popularity this week, but still can crush Jade Druid. And verses other decks it plays out a lot like freeze mage in a way. If you love to play combo in a control shell, this is the deck for you.
[Archmage Antonidas] Classic Mage Super great finisher in most mage decks. Exodia/Quest needs it to close, others use it to continuously generate threats.
[Elise the Trailblazer] JTU Neutral Starting to see some play again in Priest, Elise continues to provide more value and more threats for your opponent to deal with packs.
[Thrall, Deathseer] KFT Shaman Evolve Shaman has started to see more and more play recently. Which is a much needed change of pace in the current landscape. Really powerful battlecry, and turns your less impressive minions mid/late game into actual threats.
[Deathstalker Rexxar] KFT Hunter This I was surprised to see. I think people testing out the new decks early in the season is the cause for Hunter to see a bunch of new play.