These are the Hearthstone Puzzles’ rules, regarding each one of our categories.

After reading the rules, you can start solving by clicking a category from the main menu above!

Hearthstone Puzzles

  1. You have no control over the RNG.
  2. The cards you can possibly draw doesn’t matter.
  3. You have to win this turn, with the tools that you have.
  4. The solution have no luck involved. It is a 100% solution!

Hearthstone Scenarios

  1. You can control the RNG in every way you like.
  2. The blanked cards can be any card that you want, with some exceptions and specifications, mentioned in the description of each scenario.
  3. C’thun can be as high as you want, and Yogg can cast any spell that you want.
  4. You can control what cards you draw/steal, cards that are randomly summoned (ex. Piloted Shredder).
  5. You have to win this turn! Let your imagination do it’s job!

Hearthstone Mathematics

  1. You have no control over the RNG.
  2. You cannot ensure that you can win 100%.
  3. You have to find the sequel of actions that give you the biggest probability to win!

Hearthstone Riddles

  1. Riddles’ concept revolves around an unknown factor. (ex. unknown number of cards in ur opponents hand, unknown remaining hp, etc)
  2. You have to find a solution, for each possible situation.
  3. The solution does not involve control over the RNG.
  4. Each solution wins this turn.