Shaman Haters

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Hi guys, I am Eleftherios “Mpoukovo” Salevourakis. I am a Hearthstone player, just like anyone else, and I would like to share my thoughts with you!

Today we’ll be talking about the most unbalanced class of all … SHAMAN. Balance is mostly a matter of perspective though.

Are you mad about shaman being so overpowered?? Do you often ask yourself: “Is it ok that it is the only top tier deck right now?” “Should it get nerfed?”

I am not talking about the nerfs that happened a few weeks ago. Those actually pushed shamans to a new way of playing. I am talking about the nerfed class as it was a few years back. If you are new to Hearthstone, you probably don’t know that your “beloved” shaman was… (insert ominous music) the WORST class in the game!

Let me elaborate on that


From the beginning of Hearthstone in 2013(for those that played the alpha version) or 2014(for the beta players), shaman was an unplayable class in general.

It wasn’t until League of Explorers in late 2015, and especially with the rotation of secret Paladin, that players discovered a new way of playing shaman. The aggro shaman deck came to prominence, and more recently, the aggro/midrange shaman. We also learned about the rotation of the cards, and to be more specific, that after 2 years of being in the game, these cards won’t be allowed in the standard format. For about 2 years shaman was the lowest-ranked class. It literally saw no professional play and was low even in the arena format. And suddenly it all makes sense to me.

What if, it’s not just the cards that will rotate, but classes too? Moreover, if you played hearthstone from the alpha version you probably remember Priest being overpowered for a little while. Then being nerfed and then managing to become a very steady class but not being able to reach higher than tier 2 decks. Only to be rotated out of any professional play for more than 6 months now.

Believe it or not this meme was actually true back in 2013
shaman haters-1


Another example is Paladin. The Paladin deck became tier 1 with the introduction of The Grand Tournament expansion, and especially the Mysterious Challenger.  This card transformed every Paladin deck, into secret Paladin. That was the case until the rotation of Goblins vs Gnomes set, that added a lot to this type of deck.


Don’t worry you can still find them in the wild format

shaman haters-2


In conclusion after seeing no play for two years, shaman became top tier class. Is that so bad?

I don’t think so. As we’ve seen with Priest and Paladin (and more classes that this article is too small to get into) every class was, is, or will be overpowered at some point in the meta. I think that while Hearthstone progresses throughout the years, so will do the classes. Don’t forget, that in every card game that wants to stay healthy, and keep evolving, there must be a shift in the meta.

If I could leave you with my personal thought, it would be: I believe that every class is going to be top tier for a while. When other cards and mechanisms are introduced, or when old ones are reintroduced.

This article is our introduction to a new Section that will be called
Hearthstone-Hate Your Class! 

These articles will focus on the most ridiculously powerful decks that each class once had, through the history of Hearthstone. We will analyze their play style, their win rates, and also their power in comparison to the rest decks of their respective meta.

So stay tuned for more. Shaman was just the beginning!